We believe in our ability to select the proper candidate and it is because of this that we are able to invest directly into that candidate’s future.

We believe in our training and platform so much that we are willing to invest in our agents monetarily. A relationship with Renter’s ShieldTM will provide unique benefits that no other IMO can provide.

If you have been invited upon completing our selection process and are committed to joining Renter’s ShieldTM, you will participate in a one-of-a-kind, exclusive lead, training, and marketing program that could lead to unlimited opportunity.

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What Makes Renter’s Shield™ Different?

We Believe in our Agents and the Renter’s Shield™ system
SO MUCH that we provide our team members with…

🔹 The freshest, best sales opportunities possible – our prospects aren’t getting buried by lead mailers from competitors!

🔹 The most unique sales machine in the industry. We never provide access to Renter’s ShieldTM to anyone except our agents.

🔹 Our data collection methods and system for obtaining leads and walk list are proprietary to Renter’s Shield. The program is trademark!

🔹 A general sales training and industry-specific training platform that is unmatched in the industry.

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You’ve heard of Mortgage Protection insurance; we invented it. Introducing Renter’s Shield™: Insurance to protect the ability to pay the rent if the head of household dies or has an unexpected illness or injury. Your custom-designed Renter’s Shield™ program will be affordable and cover the financial uncertainties that life brings.

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